15th Biennial AAL Conference 2021 – Online

Diversity, Distance, Digitalisation: Inclusive and supportive practices in ALL

Please note all times listed in the program below are in Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)

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Day 1 Program: Wednesday, November 17, 2021



Session Information


Opening Address and Welcome to Country [Room 1]



Keynote Speaker 1 [Room1]

Alex Barthel



Concurrent Session 1.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 1.2 [Room 2] Concurrent Session 1.3 [Room 3]
Embedding resources into digital assessment rubrics: bringing ALL support directly to students at Flinders University

Grace Chipperfield, Lauren Butterworth & Pablo Mungia

Academic writing of undergraduate students in Indonesia: A quantitative, double blind comparison of the SFL approach and multisensory load reduction strategies

Lala Bumela Sudimantara, Ania Lian & Andrew Lian

Active online learning – opportunities for supporting EAL students in the post COVID environment

Corinna Ridley & Nara Tsedendamba

The use of assessment rubrics for individualised ALL support

May Kocatepe

Writing with conviction: Possible affordances of the ‘academic detective’ metaphor in ALL advising

Mark Eggins & Scott Doidge

ALL practitioners’ experiences in digital spaces during COVID: Continuing the conversation

Anna Podorova, Michael Kilmister, Logandran Bala Vijendran, Richard Hewison, Sarah Irvine, Alejandra Speziali, Maggie McAlinden & Amanda Janssen



13:30-14:30 Panel Session 2.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 2.2 [Room 2] Concurrent Session 2.3 [Room 3]
Engaging a diversity of learners online, face-to-face and hybrid: a potential framework and practice

Tamarzon Larner, Susan Gollagher, Nicolas McLean & Thuy Dinh

The ANU Undergraduate Research Journal and the benefits of engaging undergraduates in research publication

Benjamin Kooyman

Re-engineering an English Language Program towards an integrated multimodal curriculum

Kung-Keat Teoh, Lauren Butterworth, Grace Chipperfield & Ruby Sims

Benchmarking among HDR STEM Research Communication Advisors

Julie Holden & Sylvia Mackie

‘Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument’: how to run an online debate for students in the digital space

Tiana Blazevic-Bastow


Afternoon Tea

Social Room Access

15:00-16:00 Concurrent Session 3.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 3.2 [Room 2] Concurrent Session 3.3 [Room 3]
The Legacy of the Learning Centre, University of Sydney, 1991-2021

Helen Drury

Supporting diverse learners through cross-divisional teams and digital learning experiences

Laura Dickinson & Kat Cain

Reflecting on the challenges of applying learning pedagogies and strategies to distance learning: How do we best support our students in the online environment?

Anibeth Desierto, Gina Surin & Carmela De Maio

Updating the Australian University Register of Academic Language and Learning Centres/Units

Sally Ashton-Hay, Alex Barthel & Amanda Müller

Postcolonial Struggles and Global Spread of English: Examining EFL Students and Teacher’s beliefs and practices

Hamza R’boul

Virtual academic support at the University of Canberra: replicating the face-to-face experience

Gail Heinrich, Shane Rigby &Rita Dutta


Close of Day 1

Day 2 Program: Thursday, November 18, 2021



Session Information




Concurrent Session 4.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 4.2 [Room 2] Concurrent Session 4.3 [Room 3]
Challenges in reading English online journal articles for Indonesian university students

Hanandyo Dardjito, Nicola Rolls & Ari Setiawan

Methodology for demonstrating the impact of a university-wide language development program

Rosalie Goldsmith, Emily Edwards, Caroline Havery, Neil James, Pamela Mort, Aurora Murphy, Deborah Nixon, Gemma O’Donoghue & Joseph Yeo

Creating space to quell the ‘I can’t do maths’ factor through piloting an applied numeracy framework within course content and advising.

Debi Howarth

Developing intercultural competences in digital higher education

Ha Nguyen, Hilary Dolan, Sam Taylor & Thomas Peyretti

An enabling Virtual Student Lounge: The missing link?

Jillianne Segura

Changing mindset as a gateway to further learning and the development of core academic numeracy skills

Matthew Norris, Ruby Sims, Kung-Keat Teoh & Pablo Munguia

Academic Language and Learning (Science): Incorporating educational neuroscience into ALL Practice

Isabel Rossen & Adam Nicol

Surfing the Both-ways Ocean

Mark Holt

Two case studies reflecting the effectiveness of Online Academic Language and Learning support from the perspectives of a learning advisor and a student

Vahede Nosrati


Keynote Speaker 2 [Room1]

Prof. Martin Nakata






Concurrent Session 5.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 5.2 [Room 2] Concurrent Session 5.3 [Room 3]
Developing materials in Indigenous languages to support access to online learning for remote Indigenous learners

Cathy Bow, Alicia Boyle & Rachel (Dikul) Baker

Classroom to ClassZoom: engagement and participation in an online environment?

Deborah Nixon, Aurora Murphy & Joseph Yeo

Towards a Multimodal Community of Inquiry Framework

Stafford Lumsden

Indigenous role models in professions and enabling pre-programs: You can be what you see

Guzyal Hill & Joanne Forrest

Embedded ALLND dance: Steps forward, back and sideways

Anna Podorova

      Rethinking approaches to multimodal embedded teaching

Vivien Silvey & Thuy Do

“A Waste of Our Time”: Language Assessment Tasks and Selective Degree Cohorts

Benjamin Sacks

Instructors’ views on courses delivered vial online: The case of an Italian university

Flora Sisti


Afternoon Tea

Social Room Access


Keynote Speaker 3 [Room1]

Prof. Mbulungeni Madiba



Close of Day 2 AALL AGM

Day 3 Program: Friday, November 19, 2021



Session Information




Concurrent Session 6.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 6.2 [Room 2] Concurrent Session 6.3 [Room 3]
Innovating digital pedagogies:  Strategic deployment and embedding of an online digital third-party tutoring service at a regional university

Sarah Irvine, Anbarasu Thangavelu, Debi Howarth, Kate Derrington, Cristy Bartlett, Tyler Cawthray, Akshay Sahay, Anita Frederiks & Wendy Hargreaves

Dissertation writers’ identity construction through citations in discussion sections

Beibei Ren

Peer academic support and mentoring training package

Jillian Schedneck

An online module on academic integrity in open-book exams

Guido Ernst & Lucija Medojevic

The Impact of Environmental Sensitivity on Postsecondary Learning: Implications for Institutions and Practice

Kaaryn Cater

Deliberate acts of kindness

Catherine Irving

“The First Cut is the Deepest”: Does allowing assignment resubmission improve outcomes for commencing students?

Miriam Sullivan & Benjamin Sacks

Happy Together: fostering HDR community and productivity with extended online writing events

Juliet Lum & Susan Mowbray

Supporting university students’ mental wellbeing: what can academic language and learning practitioners do?

Nicole Crawford & Amelia Dowe





Concurrent Session 7.1 [Room 1]   Panel Session 7.3 [Room 3]
Redrafting what enables enabling students

Jane Habner

  Encountering ART: Illuminating the invisible student and Language and Learning Adviser experience

Terrie Fraser, Caroline Wright-Neville, Vittoria Grossi & Tao Bak

Challenging deficit discourses of student learning

Rachel Barber





Concurrent Session 8.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 8.2 [Room 2] Concurrent Session 8.3 [Room 3]
When Multi-modal Learning Matters to Students from Low Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds: A Quantitative Analysis of Embedded Academic Literacy Skill “Modes of Learning” on Students’ Grades

Danielle Clarkson & Brijesh Kumar

Adapting English conversation groups to a multimodal format: The importance of providing extra-curricular language practice in the COVID-19 era

Benjamin Kooyman & Vivien Silvey

Student Success and Retention: What’s Academic Skills Got to Do with It?

Sally Ashton-Hay & Naomi Doncaster

Maximizing sustainability and flexibility in a university-wide academic literacy assessment and support plan

Steve Johnson, Ann Lefroy, Ilan Zagoria, Rajeni Rajan & Rajesh Krishnamuti

Development and Implementation of a Multimodal Academic Skills Orientation Model for First Year University Students

Kung-Keat-Teoh, Ruby Sims & Lauren Butterworth


Afternoon Tea

Social Room Access


Keynote Speaker 4 [Room1]

Prof. Sally Kift

Mediating first year student success and wellbeing: Pedagogy and practice in a pandemic


Closing Ceremony [Room 1]