15th Biennial AAL Conference 2021 – Online

Diversity, Distance, Digitalisation: Inclusive and supportive practices in ALL

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***Program update Day 2: Presentation 3 in Concurrent Session 5.3 has been withdrawn***

Day 1 Program: Wednesday, November 17, 2021



Session Information


Opening Address and Welcome to Country [Room 1]



Keynote Speaker 1 [Room1]

Alex Barthel

Diversity in academic language and learning: the future may not be what it used to be



Concurrent Session 1.1 [Room 1]

Session Chair: Nicola Rolls

Concurrent Session 1.2 [Room 2]

Session Chair: Stephen Miller

Concurrent Session 1.3 [Room 3]

Session Chair: Susi Woolf

Embedding resources into digital assessment rubrics: bringing ALL support directly to students at Flinders University

Grace Chipperfield, Lauren Butterworth & Pablo Mungia

Academic writing of undergraduate students in Indonesia: A quantitative, double blind comparison of the SFL approach and multisensory load reduction strategies

Lala Bumela Sudimantara, Ania Lian & Andrew Lian

Active online learning – opportunities for supporting EAL students in the post COVID environment

Corinna Ridley & Nara Tsedendamba

The use of assessment rubrics for individualised ALL support

May Kocatepe

Writing with conviction: Possible affordances of the ‘academic detective’ metaphor in ALL advising

Mark Eggins & Scott Doidge

ALL practitioners’ experiences in digital spaces during COVID: Continuing the conversation

Anna Podorova, Michael Kilmister, Logandran Bala Vijendran, Richard Hewison, Sarah Irvine, Alejandra Speziali, Maggie McAlinden & Amanda Janssen



13:30-14:30 Panel Session 2.1 [Room 1] Concurrent Session 2.2 [Room 2]

Session Chair: Amelia Dowe

Concurrent Session 2.3 [Room 3]

Session Chair: Rebekah Clarkson

Engaging a diversity of learners online, face-to-face and hybrid: a potential framework and practice

Tamarzon Larner, Susan Gollagher, Nicolas McLean & Thuy Dinh

The ANU Undergraduate Research Journal and the benefits of engaging undergraduates in research publication

Benjamin Kooyman

Re-engineering an English Language Program towards an integrated multimodal curriculum

Kung-Keat Teoh, Lauren Butterworth, Grace Chipperfield & Ruby Sims

Benchmarking among HDR STEM Research Communication Advisors

Julie Holden & Sylvia Mackie

‘Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument’: how to run an online debate for students in the digital space

Tiana Blazevic-Bastow


Afternoon Tea

Social Room Access

15:00-16:00 Concurrent Session 3.1 [Room 1]

Session Chair: Siri Barrett-Lennard

Concurrent Session 3.2 [Room 2]

Session Chair: Sue Gollagher

Concurrent Session 3.3 [Room 3]

Session Chair: Raelke Grimmer

The Legacy of the Learning Centre, University of Sydney, 1991-2021

Helen Drury

Supporting diverse learners through cross-divisional teams and digital learning experiences

Laura Dickinson & Kat Cain

Reflecting on the challenges of applying learning pedagogies and strategies to distance learning: How do we best support our students in the online environment?

Anibeth Desierto, Gina Surin & Carmela De Maio

Updating the Australian University Register of Academic Language and Learning Centres/Units

Sally Ashton-Hay, Alex Barthel & Amanda Müller

Postcolonial Struggles and Global Spread of English: Examining EFL Students and Teacher’s beliefs and practices

Hamza R’boul

Virtual academic support at the University of Canberra: replicating the face-to-face experience

Gail Heinrich, Shane Rigby & Rita Dutta


Close of Day 1

Day 2 Program: Thursday, November 18, 2021



Session Information




Concurrent Session 4.1 [Room 1]

Session Chair: Stephen Miller

Concurrent Session 4.2 [Room 2]

Session Chair: Steve Campitelli

Concurrent Session 4.3 [Room 3]

Session Chair: Birut Zemits

Challenges in reading English online journal articles for Indonesian university students

Hanandyo Dardjito, Nicola Rolls & Ari Setiawan

Methodology for demonstrating the impact of a university-wide language development program

Rosalie Goldsmith, Emily Edwards, Caroline Havery, Neil James, Pamela Mort, Aurora Murphy, Deborah Nixon, Gemma O’Donoghue & Joseph Yeo

Creating space to quell the ‘I can’t do maths’ factor through piloting an applied numeracy framework within course content and advising.

Debi Howarth,  Raquel Salmeron & Anita Frederiks

Developing intercultural competences in digital higher education

Ha Nguyen, Hilary Dolan, Sam Taylor & Thomas Peyretti

An enabling Virtual Student Lounge: The missing link?

Jillianne Segura

Changing mindset as a gateway to further learning and the development of core academic numeracy skills

Matthew Norris, Ruby Sims, Kung-Keat Teoh & Pablo Munguia

Surfing the Both-ways Ocean

Mark Holt

Two case studies reflecting the effectiveness of Online Academic Language and Learning support from the perspectives of a learning advisor and a student

Vahede Nosrati


Keynote Speaker 2 [Room1]

Prof. Martin Nakata

Learning challenges and capacities of Indigenous students in the current higher education context






Concurrent Session 5.1 [Room 1]

Session Chair: Nicola Rolls

Concurrent Session 5.2 [Room 2]

Session Chair: David Rowland

Concurrent Session 5.3 [Room 3]

Session Chair: Nicolas McLean

Academic Language and Learning (Science): Incorporating educational neuroscience into ALL Practice

Isabel Rossen & Adam Nicol

Classroom to ClassZoom: engagement and participation in an online environment?

Deborah Nixon, Aurora Murphy & Joseph Yeo

Towards a Multimodal Community of Inquiry Framework

Stafford Lumsden

Embedded ALLND dance: Steps forward, back and sideways

Anna Podorova

Rethinking approaches to multimodal embedded teaching

Thuy Do

“A Waste of Our Time”: Language Assessment Tasks and Selective Degree Cohorts

Benjamin Sacks

Paper withdrawn

Instructors’ views on courses delivered vial online: The case of an Italian university

Flora Sisti


Afternoon Tea

Social Room Access


Keynote Speaker 3 [Room1]

Prof. Mbulungeni Madiba

Multilingual approaches to academic language development and learning



Close of Day 2 AALL AGM

Day 3 Program: Friday, November 19, 2021



Session Information




Concurrent Session 6.1 [Room 1]

Session Chair: Stephen Miller

Concurrent Session 6.2 [Room 2]

Session Chair: Raelke Grimmer

Concurrent Session 6.3 [Room 3]

Session Chair: Jane McGettigan

Innovating digital pedagogies:  Strategic deployment and embedding of an online digital third-party tutoring service at a regional university

Sarah Irvine, Anbarasu Thangavelu, Debi Howarth, Kate Derrington, Cristy Bartlett, Tyler Cawthray, Akshay Sahay, Anita Frederiks & Wendy Hargreaves

Dissertation writers’ identity construction through citations in discussion sections

Beibei Ren & Xiaodi Pan

Peer academic support and mentoring training package

Jillian Schedneck

An online module on academic integrity in open-book exams

Guido Ernst & Lucija Medojevic

The Impact of Environmental Sensitivity on Postsecondary Learning: Implications for Institutions and Practice

Kaaryn Cater

Deliberate acts of kindness

Catherine Irving

“The First Cut is the Deepest”: Does allowing assignment resubmission improve outcomes for commencing students?

Miriam Sullivan & Benjamin Sacks

Happy Together: fostering HDR community and productivity with extended online writing events

Juliet Lum & Susan Mowbray

Supporting university students’ mental wellbeing: what can academic language and learning practitioners do?

Nicole Crawford & Amelia Dowe





Concurrent Session 7.1 [Room 1]

Session Chair: George Lambrinidis

  Panel Session 7.3 [Room 3]
Redrafting what enables enabling students

Jane Habner

  Encountering ART: Illuminating the invisible student and Language and Learning Adviser experience

Terrie Fraser, Caroline Wright-Neville, Vittoria Grossi & Tao Bak

Challenging deficit discourses of student learning

Rachel Barber





Concurrent Session 8.1 [Room 1]

Session Chair: Laura Ficorilli

Concurrent Session 8.2 [Room 2]

Session Chair: Kirstin Marks

Concurrent Session 8.3 [Room 3]

Session Chair: Thuy Dinh

When Multi-modal Learning Matters to Students from Low Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds: A Quantitative Analysis of Embedded Academic Literacy Skill “Modes of Learning” on Students’ Grades

Danielle Clarkson & Brijesh Kumar

Adapting English conversation groups to a multimodal format: The importance of providing extra-curricular language practice in the COVID-19 era

Benjamin Kooyman

Student Success and Retention: What’s Academic Skills Got to Do with It?

Sally Ashton-Hay & Naomi Doncaster

Maximizing sustainability and flexibility in a university-wide academic literacy assessment and support plan

Steve Johnson, Ann Lefroy, Ilan Zagoria, Rajeni Rajan & Rajesh Krishnamuti

Development and Implementation of a Multimodal Academic Skills Orientation Model for First Year University Students

Kung-Keat-Teoh, Ruby Sims & Lauren Butterworth


Afternoon Tea

Social Room Access


Keynote Speaker 4 [Room1]

Prof. Sally Kift

Mediating first year student success and wellbeing: Pedagogy and practice in a pandemic


Closing Ceremony [Room 1]